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Become a certified Yin Yoga teacher with 50 hours, six days intensive training at our yoga  ashram in the Netherlands

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Residential Yin Yoga Teacher Training 


Teachers with combined teaching experience of 40+ years

Post course support

We offer you a continuing relationship with advice and support after your course.


Get a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher certificate

50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Our six days, 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training follows the system of Paul Grilley. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching Yin Yoga. To understand the postures and their variations and modification, you will learn the concepts of the various skeletal segments, the different muscle groups and the importance of the pose specific target areas. The 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a perfect fit for yoga teachers who want to start teaching Yin Yoga, as the course also provides daily hands-on teaching practice, to understand the methods and structures for effective teaching. The course is also accessible for anyone that wants to learn Yin Yoga to deepen their own practice. 

50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Why choose Arhanta?

Arhanta Yoga ® is an international yoga teacher training school with Yoga ashrams in India and the Netherlands. We provide internationally accredited professional yoga courses and training while maintaining the authenticity of the ancient teachings.

Reputed School
10000+ Yoga teachers certified since 2009

Worldwide Accredited
Accredited with Yoga Alliance and many others

Top Ratings
5-star ratings on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor

Professional school for serious learning

Post Course Support
Post-course support available to every graduate

Work and learn opportunities after completion

Expert Teachers
Teachers with combined teaching experience of 40+ years

Own Ashrams
Two beautiful ashrams in India & The Netherlands

What You Will Learn?

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in this 50 hour Yin Yoga instructor course

60+ Yin Yoga Poses

You will gain deep understanding of the alignments, instructions, benefits, contraindications, physiology and variations of the Yin Yoga poses. You will learn how to practice and teach these poses safely and efficiently.

Proper use of Props

You learn to the use the props (like bolsters, cushions, straps) efficiently and not taking the effect away from the pose. You will understand how and when to use a prop.

Yin Yoga Philosophy

You will understand the philosophical perspective of Yin Yoga. You will learn the concepts like chakras, meridians, the three bodies etc. Ram uses stories & humor to simplify these complex concepts.

Anatomy and Physiology

You will learn how the yin poses affect our joints and tissues and how practice of Yin Yoga can help to increase our range of motion. You will learn the important principles so that you will be able to avoid injuries in your personal practice and your classes.

Course Dates & Fees



50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Dates

50-hour Yin Yoga - NL

Date Seats left Location
23 Mar - 29 Mar Full Residential
1 Sep - 7 Sep 9 Seats left Residential
22 Mar - 28 Mar Available Residential
30 Aug - 5 Sep Available Residential

Residential Yin Yoga Teacher Training Fees


Fees (In Euros)


1050 Euro

2 person shared bedroom

1150 Euro

Single bedroom

1250 Euro

  • The fees include all tuition, accommodation, three meals per day and the course manual
  • The training is accredited with Yoga Alliance, European Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and accredited by all major yoga federations
  • Payment plans are available on request
Easy Covid-19 cancellations

Should your training be cancelled due to Covid-19, Arhanta Yoga’s standard cancellation policy and charges shall NOT apply. Instead, Arhanta Yoga will work with you to arrange an alternative provision, which may include rescheduling the session and/or providing a digital session and/or providing a full refund of all paid fees.

Course Location

The 50 hour residential teacher training is held at our Yoga ashram in the Netherlands, Europe. The ashram is situated outside the beautiful village of Varsseveld, near Arnhem, in the east of the Netherlands. The ashram is very well-connected to the Dutch public transportation network and is situated in a beautiful and peaceful location, surrounded by fields and woods. 

We also offer an online version of this course. It is ideal if you prefer to do this course at your own home and at your own schedule.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands

What’s inside the course

Our Yin Yoga course covers all the important fundamentals of Yin Yoga in detail:

Curriculum Overview


→ Seven archetypes of yin poses

→ 50+ Yin Yoga poses in detail


→ Taoist principles

→ Yin and yang

→ Yin and yang organs


14 skeletal segments

10 myofascial groups

Connective tissue


Bone differentiation

Compression and tension

Joints and range of motion

Energy Body

→ 12 principle meridians

→ Yin and yang groups of meridians

→ Seven main chakras

→ Five major pranas

Teaching & Assisting

→ How to give efficient instructions?

→ Voice modulation

→ How to assist Yin Yoga poses?

→ How to observe and assist different body types?

→ How to use props efficiently?


→ How to sequence a Yin Yoga class?


→ Mindfulness meditations

Ram Jain

About the course teacher,

Ram Jain

(ERYT-500 and YACEP with 40,000 hours of teaching experience)

Ram Jain is a renowned Master Yoga Teacher from India and the Director of Arhanta Yoga ashrams in India and the Netherlands. He has been teaching since 1998 and is teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2009. He has trained over 6000 yoga teachers in the past 10 years. Born and raised in India, his yoga education started from the age of eight years as part of his school education. Over the period he has studied yoga and yogic philosophy in-depth from various reputed teachers. During his 22+ years of teaching career, he has worked with students from various backgrounds. He is well known for his ability to simplify the complex teachings of yoga.

Ram has studied Yin Yoga directly from Paul Grilley (founder of Yin Yoga). Ram will be your guide and he will be available to answer your questions or doubts during and after the course.

YACEP Yoga Alliance
YACEP Yoga Alliance
Ram Paul & Suzee

Worldwide accredited certification

Our yoga teacher training is accredited by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and The CRKBO (The Netherlands)

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
Yoga Alliance
International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation

How to apply?

Our teacher training is open to everyone and there is no age limit. Each course has limited seats.

To apply please download and fill in the application form and send it to: ttc@arhantayoga.org

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Read what our alumni say about the course

"It has been a very rewarding time for me. All classes were very clear and informative. I have enjoyed each minute of this course. Thank you all so much for the opportunity to learn from you!"

Sharron- Switzerland

"After my teacher training in India with Arhanta Yoga, this Yin Yoga course was a great opportunity to refresh my knowledge and to develop myself further. I have learned a lot about teaching but also about my personal yoga path. Thank you for this wonderful experience!"

Linda- Spain

"This Yin Yoga Teacher Training course was an amazing addition to the 200 hour training by Arhanta Yoga. Once again Arhanta has taught me a great deal which will help me to improve and expand my yoga classes. Thanks again!"

Helma- The Netherlands

"A wonderful experience! I have learned a lot, also because I am a Shiatsu therapist and not a yoga teacher. I specifically enjoyed the philosophy classes with Yogi Ram and the meditation sessions. The other teachers are also very inspiring. I am also very happy to have met so many new and wonderful people. Thank you Team Arhanta!"

Ymkje- The Netherlands

Frequently asked questions

Is This Course Right for You?

  • If you want to teach Yin Yoga full time or part time
  • If you teach some form of yang physical exercises and you want to include Yin Yoga elements in your classes
  • If you want to understand Yin Yoga in depth
  • If you want to bring your practice to a new level
  • Do I have to be very experienced in yoga to do this course?

    Our 200-hour yoga certification course is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as more experienced Classical Hatha Yoga practitioners. You will learn all the aspects of Hatha Yoga from experienced teachers during the course. In addition you will also learn about other forms of yoga. Prior experience is beneficial but not required. Read: How much experience is required to become a yoga teacher?

    I am not very flexible, is that a problem? 

    No one can do all the postures, and everyone has their limitations. So, it is not a problem if you are not flexible in body movements but it is important that you are willing to learn and develop.

    I don't have very good knowledge of English, can I follow the course?

    This teacher training course is taught in basic English because the students come from all over the world. You have a sufficient level of English if you can read and understand an English newspaper. 

    Read: Following a yoga teacher training when English isn't your first language

    What to Bring to the Ashram?

    Please bring along the following items:

    • Yoga mat (also available in the ashram store for a reasonable price)
    • 2 Meditation cushions (also available in the ashram store for a reasonable price)
    • Personal toiletries and towels
    • Writing materials
    • Wristwatch (to be used in the 'How to teach' classes)
    • Comfortable clothing
    • Inside and outside slippers for the ashram
    • Comfortable shoes for morning walks