Arhanta Affiliated Schools

Arhanta certified teachers running yoga schools are eligible to become Arhanta Yoga® Affiliated Schools. An affiliation membership provides additional support to  teachers  and studios, helping to unify teachers and centers  in order to contribute more effectively to the development and promotion of yoga.

With our proven yoga business model and support, Arhanta Affiliated Studios receive a head-start, enabling them to grow to their full potential. Our goal is to support affiliated teachers in making yoga their lifestyle as well as a successful and fulfilling career.

Arhanta Affiliation Program

Benefits of Arhanta Yoga® Affiliation 

  • Use of the ARHANTA YOGA  logo:  A registered  trademark  that  provides  a  unifying identity to yoga teachers who choose to meet the affiliation standards.  This logo is a stamp of approval, indicating the quality and high standards that are met by affiliated teachers.
  • Receive a set of requirements and standards to ensure that your Arhanta Yoga Affiliated Studio is associated with quality and integrity.
  • Flat yearly fees rather percentage based fees structure
  • Benefit from Arhanta Yoga network's free marketing exposure and goodwill.
  • Receive guidance and support in class structuring and crisis management as well as client relationship building, renewal strategies and reputation building strategies.
  • Guidance in fulfilling professional and legal requirements.
  • Tutoring to help your website rank at the top of  Google search results for a yoga studio in your area. This will save a lot of your advertising costs.
  • Follow a proven and time-tested business model from a reputed yoga institution, which will help you avoid costly starters mistakes and avoidable financial losses.

Arhanta Yoga Affiliation Costs

We choose a low charge as we understand that high fee may deter many eligible and deserving candidates from opening their own yoga studio. However, our modest fees do not imply low quality support. We believe in long-term mutual benefit and collaboration, so we have created a price structure that is very affordable. 

Yearly Fee : Euros 1000

Arhanta Yoga® Affiliation  Application Process

To apply to become an Arhanta Yoga® Affiliated Studio, you can contact us at

Arhanta Yoga® Affiliated Schools

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